Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get To Know - Evaflo

So just yesterday I provided you a new rapper in the prep school world known as J.A.X. In so, I mentioned that he surrounded himself with other artists which make up his team, Recluse. Well here is one of the members of his family of rappers and producers, Evaflo. Hailing from Cambridge, Mass., the lyricist also attends the preparatory school of Northfield Mount Hermon. Just a few days ago he released a mixtape entitled "Highflyer" which featured on the popular mixtape website, Datpiff. Although you may not of heard of him, I'm sure you soon will as he will continue to make music that is sure to circulate. I suppose you could say NMH has a squad over there? Hm, take a listen a find out. Stay Classy friends. Jaxx.

No Hook - featuring J.A.X. and Nick Hearts

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